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-.- How I hate college sometimes.  I'm really frustrated right now. I have to study for two really BIG exams for this friday AND Saturday.
The thing is that the teachers that are going to take the saturday one had two weeks to let us know how the exam will be (is a presentation with a POSTER and it's a lot of work) and they sent us an email yesterday saiying that it will be that kind of presentation and that each one of us have to do it alone (this is the secod date that we can take this exam, in the first one you could do the poster with a partner) soooo I was really frustrated because I have an important exam on friday and I really don't know how the hell I'm going to deal with both. But well I have nothing left but to study like hell.

Sorry about the rant but I have those teachers right now.

Upcoming cons

Gosh I'm exhausted Dx I just came home from collage. I had a test today and I slep for amost 3 hours. I'm falling asleep on the keyboard.

But anyway! I came here to tell you about the upcoming cons I'll be attending to =)
First of all I'll be attending Otani that takes place in La Plata on september 7th :B I'm really excied about this! I'm in hopes of haveing a new cosplay around this date so I'll love to use it there =) Not sure yet if I'll finish it or I'll ask my dressmaker to do it, it all depends on my free time.
And they use my picture for the flyer ;A; I'm really happy abou it!

Next day I have OTAKU MATSURI! =) as always working with all I have on my stand ^^ but this time, after years of working there xD I'll go with cosplay too. I'm just planning on using the same one I'll use in the Otani, but I wanted to go with cospla so yeah XD
And I'll have to work harder because two of my co-workers are participating in the AnimeLA, a international cosplay contest.

But well, I have a few more on my callendar but Ill be updating that later, right now I just want to sleeeeeeep

See you later guys =) have a great day!

Dark magician girl Figure

GUUUUUUUUUUYS! Look what came in the mail yesterday!
I was waiting for this!! I'm sooooo excited to have her home finally! Ins't she adorable?
aww I totally LOVE yu gi oh!


Jun Tao's Cosplay New pictures!

Jun Tao Cosplay
by ~Paper-Doll89 on deviantART

Hi!!! I'll share you ona of my new pictures of my Jun's cosplay ^^ hope you like it!


Hi!! how are you guys? Today I have a day off from classes so I'm being a lazy ass right now xDD

Also, I'm trying to learn how to sew my own cosplays, because with all my previous ones I've sent them to a dressmaker to do them for me. I do all the props alongside with my boyfriend and all the other details, like painting the dragon and the panda on my Jun Tao cosplay. But the dress itself I cannot do it xD
But anyway, I'm trying to do it myself, but right now is just for practice because I really don't know what the hell I'm doing, so I'll see if my next one is all 100% done by me or if I'll need help again xD But that's doesn't bother me. I'm not a cosmaker and I'm not ashamed of admiting I need someone who knows how to sew to do my cosplays. I think that knowning how to make you own costume gives you a plus when it comes to cosplay but I also think that if you can't do it is not so bad either. You can still be a great cosplayer without knowing how to sew. So yeah, that's my opinion xDD

Sorry for the big nosense in this post. but I'm really bored right now. :P

Hope you have a wonderfull week!

Everyday life~

Hi guys! what's up? I know I've been mising again but I was a little distracted with other things, but last night I was traslating one of my friends fan pages to English and I noticed that I had problems with some words or sentences, so I decided I'll post a bit more here to keep practicing my english and don't forget how to write properly.
I know I have some grammar mistakes but that jsut because I don't re-read what I wrote before posting xD

Well, you probably will be seing some more of my post here, most of them about my everyday life because I need to practice my writting in english but I'll try to make some interesting post =)

So that's for now. I'll see you in a few days ^w^

Here we go again~

I hate feeling down on weekends~ I know is stupid but I don't know it frustates me that I have Japanese classes on Saturday mornings, not because I can't do anything on friday nights, it's also because it doesn't work for me, it never had. I need classes two times a week, that way I practice more and I can keep with the class.
Now, I only have it on Saturday mornings and is not enough for me, besides I'm realy busy with college during the week so when friday comes I don't want to do anything else, besides I have a class on friday that ends at 8pm so, believe me, I don't want to touch any other book when I got home.
Following that, I barely do my japanese homework. This is the last year I'm doing this like that. Next year I'm looking for a new Japanese school or I'll do it myself, I'm going to schedule some time to study at least two times a week.
But for this year I'll do my best, I'll give my all to pass the N4 exam at the end of the year >w<

Jun Tao Cosplay

I' so happy with this =) Jun is one of my favorite characters from Shaman King. I really love her personality, and her powers are awesome >w<

So, I used this cosplay last saturday at the Otani. Hope you like it, I spent days of my life painting the dragon on the dress and doing all the other accesories. =) hard work! But it was totally worth it.
Anyway, hope you like!!!!

If you want to see the work in progress or more pictures, please visit my page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Neko-Cosplay/509072545825601?ref=hl
or my deviant =) http://paper-doll89.deviantart.com

Jun tao cosplay


I totally forgot to tell you! I got to pass some final exams on the months I haven't post anythig.
Finally I passed my goelogy final exam, that one was the hardest, I swear I almos lost my hair XD I pass my math's final too >w< I coulnd´t believe it. I was sooooo happy with myself. and a few more but don't remember the name right now xD

Well, but I just wanted to let you kwno that =D I'm pretty happy with college lately.
Hi guys!! God!! Has been ages since I post something here D=
I'm so sorry. I've just been busy with other things and I've been using just facebook.
So, how's life? I hope all of you are alright =)

So today I'm bringin you my new facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Neko-Cosplay/509072545825601 That I will use to promote my cosplays and keep in touch with some other cosplayers or people that I don't have on my personal facebook. Sooo hope you check it out.

And also I let you my worldcosplay account just in case anyone here have one too =D http://worldcosplay.net/member/Neko_Akira/

Hopeyou like my work guys^^ deviant account it's the same as always.

I promise I'll try to use LJ a bit more. Sorry I've gone missing D=

Have an amazing day ^w^


Hi Minna-san!
welcome to my little space. Is not much XD but I hope you like my draws and some of my writing, even when I really suck at it XD
Enjoy! ♥

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