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August 12th, 2013

Everyday life~

Hi guys! what's up? I know I've been mising again but I was a little distracted with other things, but last night I was traslating one of my friends fan pages to English and I noticed that I had problems with some words or sentences, so I decided I'll post a bit more here to keep practicing my english and don't forget how to write properly.
I know I have some grammar mistakes but that jsut because I don't re-read what I wrote before posting xD

Well, you probably will be seing some more of my post here, most of them about my everyday life because I need to practice my writting in english but I'll try to make some interesting post =)

So that's for now. I'll see you in a few days ^w^


Hi Minna-san!
welcome to my little space. Is not much XD but I hope you like my draws and some of my writing, even when I really suck at it XD
Enjoy! ♥

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