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August 31st, 2013


-.- How I hate college sometimes.  I'm really frustrated right now. I have to study for two really BIG exams for this friday AND Saturday.
The thing is that the teachers that are going to take the saturday one had two weeks to let us know how the exam will be (is a presentation with a POSTER and it's a lot of work) and they sent us an email yesterday saiying that it will be that kind of presentation and that each one of us have to do it alone (this is the secod date that we can take this exam, in the first one you could do the poster with a partner) soooo I was really frustrated because I have an important exam on friday and I really don't know how the hell I'm going to deal with both. But well I have nothing left but to study like hell.

Sorry about the rant but I have those teachers right now.


Hi Minna-san!
welcome to my little space. Is not much XD but I hope you like my draws and some of my writing, even when I really suck at it XD
Enjoy! ♥

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