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Upcoming cons

Gosh I'm exhausted Dx I just came home from collage. I had a test today and I slep for amost 3 hours. I'm falling asleep on the keyboard.

But anyway! I came here to tell you about the upcoming cons I'll be attending to =)
First of all I'll be attending Otani that takes place in La Plata on september 7th :B I'm really excied about this! I'm in hopes of haveing a new cosplay around this date so I'll love to use it there =) Not sure yet if I'll finish it or I'll ask my dressmaker to do it, it all depends on my free time.
And they use my picture for the flyer ;A; I'm really happy abou it!

Next day I have OTAKU MATSURI! =) as always working with all I have on my stand ^^ but this time, after years of working there xD I'll go with cosplay too. I'm just planning on using the same one I'll use in the Otani, but I wanted to go with cospla so yeah XD
And I'll have to work harder because two of my co-workers are participating in the AnimeLA, a international cosplay contest.

But well, I have a few more on my callendar but Ill be updating that later, right now I just want to sleeeeeeep

See you later guys =) have a great day!


Hi Minna-san!
welcome to my little space. Is not much XD but I hope you like my draws and some of my writing, even when I really suck at it XD
Enjoy! ♥

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